Believing These 10 Myths About Healthcare Staffing Keeps You from Growing

myths about healthcare staffing

With updates in technology, changes to physician regulations and an increased focus on patient satisfaction there is a number of misconception you may have about how to properly grow your healthcare facility. While having the right tools can assist you in keeping up with the latest advancement you need to have the right staff to ensure your business grows. Many healthcare providers neglect a number of crucial areas when it comes to the proper healthcare staffing and these are mainly based off of myths they have heard through the years.

Myths About Healthcare Staffing

1. There is not a demand for RNs

With many of the registered nurses hitting retirement age there is actually a great demand for RNs. Combined with the new rules mandating that physicians are required to work fewer hours, registered nurses are stepping up to perform a number of the physician’s responsibilities. Making this shift from the physicians working less hours and the RN’s taking on more responsibility, many healthcare facilities have benefited from an increase in their productivity as well as reducing costs. The most in demand RNs focus in areas of advanced nurse practices, licensed practical nurse as well licensed vocational nurses.

2.  Population Health Strategy is Something You Can Neglect

The is a shifting concern with the overall improvement of health over a given population and many healthcare facilities are tuning into this crucial factor. There is going to be a rising demand to hire individuals who can specialize in data analysis, communication and engaging with patients to provide a better overall experience and care to them. More and more healthcare staffing is becoming concerned with the population strategy and any hiring manager should be well aware of how certain skills can better benefit this strategy. Individuals such as social workers, behaviorist, outreach coordinators, community health workers and population health executives will all be in great demand.

3.  Patient Satisfaction Has Little Effect on Your Growth.

Since more patients are being forced to cover more of their own medical cost they are looking more closely at the health care facilities’ soft skills and bedside manner before making their decision. More patients want to not only be assured that they will be receiving the proper treatment they need but that they will be dealing with respectable and genuine individuals to provide these treatments. Your healthcare facility will be greatly judged by the patient’s experience.

4.  You Do Not Need to Embrace New Technology

This is a major myth that can have a great impact on your growth. For years, many healthcare facilities neglected to utilize a variety of the technology many other industries were beginning to implement with their business but this is something that is quickly changing. Now, many facilities are able to integrate a number of new technologies into their healthcare facilities to create a better patient experience and to alleviate a number of tedious tasks from staff. Patient portals and video conferencing are exceptional tools you should be utilizing in your facility. But, with the implementation of these new tools you need to hire the right individuals who can operate them.

5.  Healthcare Staffing Ratios Will Have Little Effect on the Patient’s Care and Experience.

This is another major myth a number of health care facilities are simply neglecting. While there is more and more regulation being put in place that will set a required number of nurses to be on duty depending on the number of patients they must see, many facilities do not see how this has an effect on the proper care the patients need. Nurses need to be able to give each patient the appropriate attention to properly assess, monitor and care for each patient, but when there are too many patients and too few nurses they cannot perform their jobs as efficiently as they need to. Healthcare facilities need to closely examine their nurse to patient ratio and adjust their staffing to be able to ensure each patient is being properly cared for.

6.  It is Not Possible to Set a Fixed Ratio for Nurses.

By collecting the right data, each facility will be able to set an almost completely accurate healthcare staffing ratio. Staffing ratio needs to be set for a required minimum number of nurses that need to be on duty during any given shift. By collecting data and doing the proper research each facility will be able to come up with a minimum ratio based off of various factors.

7.  Using an Electronic Database to Keep Records and Billing Information Will Eliminate all the Problems of Paper Charts and Documents.

While an electronic database can increase the overall productivity in every department  and make it easier for doctors, nurses and the billing departments to access specific patient information more quickly and easily, it does not mean these systems are foolproof. There is still the risk of charts being lost, wrongly filed and affected my simple human error. Not having the proper back of up all patient information can result in a lot of wasted time, money, and efforts.

8.  You Don’t Need to Worry About Temporary Healthcare Staffing Options.

There are many instances where you may find you are short staffed, from unexpected injuries to your nursing staff to nurses who need to travel for job-related reasons. You want to ensure you already have in place a quick and reliable source to fill these vacant slots to ensure you are able to provide exceptional care to patients.

9.  It is too Difficult to Find a Reliable and Flexible Staffing Solution.

While each healthcare staffing agency around will have their own guidelines and practices, it is absolutely possible to find a reliable staffing agency that can provide you with the temporary staffing you may need. Staffing providers can offer you a number of highly qualified individuals that range from various therapists, home care nurse, registered nurse and many other healthcare professionals.

10.  The HR Staff has a Limited Role in Your Growth.

This is incredibly false! You need to have the right recruiters, generalist, managers, and human resource specialist in place to oversee all the new staff you will be hiring. Without the right people in place at to manage everything you will quickly become overwhelmed by all the complexities of the new technology, staff, and working restrictions.

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